Over the past 13 years, the Jersey Shore Festival has established itself as the premier emerging artist festival on the east coast.  We welcome artists of all ages and all genres to come to Seaside Heights, perform on our stages, network with industry professionals, and have a true Jersey Shore Experience.   Our mission is to create an environment that allows industry VIP's to find new talent, artists to make new contacts, and fans to find their new favorite bands.

Aside from the music, we also strive to add other entertaining events throughout the weekend, including action sports, charity events, food trucks, the JSF Vendor Village, and more.

Thank you for 13 amazing years!

Past Lineups include:

A Clear Blurr, All Crazy, Agents of the Sun, Adamance, Amy Malkoff, Anthony Fuiamo, Aphonia, Arlan Feiles, Avi Wisnia, Bad Apples, Big Stick Policy, Black Water Rising, Blameshift, Blood St., Bob Denson, Bob Polding Band, Bosco and Peck, Brukup, Casey Desmond, Cass Dillon, Christian Beach, Christine Martucci Band, Dakota Bends, Down With Digital, Dan Mills, Dave Jay, David Homyk, Domenick Carino, Echo Movement, Emily Eleton, Empire Fallen, Eren Canasta, Eric Ginsberg, Eric Smith, Eryn Sewell, Fight of Your Life, Flight’s Kool, Friends of Bill Wilson, Fuster Cluck, Geoffry Myers, George Wirth, Gimme Drugs, Girls Like Cigarettes, Good Luck Affair, Grand Alto, Greg Smith and the Broken English, Greg Wilkins, Gold Streets, Green Underground, Grindcity, Hartwell, Hostel, Inc., Ian WalshInside the Flame, Ionia, Jenn Grinels, Jennifer Logue & David Sasscer, Jersey Jung, Jodelle, Joe Harvard, Joey Harkum, Johnny B. Morbid, Jonathan Cornelius, Julius C, Keith Kenny, Keith Monacchio, Ken Shane, Kills Beatz, Killing the Messenger, Last Perfect Thing,  Let Me Run, Lezzie’s Soap Dish, Longroad, Lost in Society, Love Automatic, Lucy Gallant, Maniacal Plan, Matt O’Ree, Maurice Davis Band, Melinda Davis, Miche Lambro, Mid Fall Drive, Mike Cuntala, Mike Montrey, Mike Rocket and the Stars, Miss TK and the Revenge, Missiles and Markers, Newt, Nick Cucci, Of Fate and Chance, Old No. 7, One Short Fall, One Stormy Minute, Paging Grace, Pale Nimbus, Palmerston, Pasadena, Pelagic, Perfuma, Pitch Black Heart Attack, Quick, Quincy Mumford, Red Lyte District, Reflective Insight, Rick Barry, Roger Gardella, Sally, Scarlet Carson, Scott Rednor, Sighlo, Silent Fury, Six By Silver, Spindle, Stanley Maxwell, Steve Chizmadia, Sugarcoat, Survival Instinct, Tangier’s Blues Band, Tasting Grace, Tears of Mars, Testing for Echo, The Amboys, The Backbeat, The Bad Scene, The Billies, The Black Rhythm, The Bloodsugars, The Booze, The Cheaters, The Cool and Deadly, The Deep End, The Fave, The Good Luck Affair, The Grip Weeds, The Jacks,The London Souls, The Loose Roosters, The Mercurial, The New Rick Barry’s, The Problem, The Real Be Easys, The Riffsurfers, The Rose Riot, The States, The Static JacksThe Victory Drive, Three Legged Fox, Todd Alsup, Tom Chirip & The Roots, Tom Vella and the Wayside, Tomas Doncker, Tony Cooksey, Tony Tedesco, Tragic Orange, Trench, Tsunami Rising, Turtle Soup, Turtle Speed, Twelve Twenty, Victims of Experience, Visible From Space, West End Redemption, Westgate, Wicker Hollow, William Hart Strecker, Woodfish, XOL Azul Band, Young Turk

A Clear Blurr, A Criminal Risk,A Moment’s Worth, Astronaut Jones, Bad Apples,  Beyond Visible, Big Attack, Black Water Rising, Bob Denson, Bob Polding, Bojibian, Bond & Bentley, Brian Thomas Jackson, Case of the Mondays, Chemtrail, Chris Nunez, Colie Brice & The New Age Blues Experience, Concrete Cowboys, Cutlass, Danger Nuts, Danny Nova, Dave Jay, DC, Dead & Gone, Devlin Drive, DJ Licious, Domenick Carino, Dub Proof, Evan Toth, Flight’s Kool, For the Foxes, Freshman Sunday, Friends of Bill Wilson, Fuster Cluck, Future Future, Grand Alto, Gregory Lehmer, Hip Like Blank, Holy Goats, If But When, Impulsive Decision, Ionia, Jared Costa, Jeff Capone, Joe Harvard, John Eichleay, Kannon, Karen & Amy Jones, Keith Monnachio, Ken Shane, Killing the Messenger, Landlines, Last Days of Empire, Lead Pipe Cinch, Lieder, Liz Welter, Lost in Society, Maria DuBiel, Marvin Sunk, Melinda Davis, Michael Brett, Michael Scotto, Midfall Drive, Mike Cuntala, Montagna & The Mouth to Mouth, Nick Cucci, Nine Circles, No Wine For Kittens, Only Living Boy, Outright, Paging Grace, Pasadena, Planeside, Quick, Raftree, Red Desert, Redshift, Relegation, Rick Barry, Roger Gardella, Ryan Tennis, Salt Water All-Stars, Scarlet Carson, Sean Cox, Shell Aarden, Shooter McGavin, Six, Skull Motion, Smokin’ Aces, Sugar High, Swear On Your Life, Tara Elliot & The Red Velvets, The Amboys, The Defog, The Domino Effect, The F-Bombers, The Iriesound, The Man With Dynamite Hands, The Sobriquets, The Sunday Blues, The Turn, The Vanities, Through the Grey, Tom Vella and The Wayside, Van Atta High, Victims of Experience, VOE, Wiser Time, XOL Azul Band

A Criminal Risk, Agency, All Pointz West, Amanda Fama, Anjelia & The Boy, Atlantic Atlantic, Avi Wisnia, Bern & The Brights, Billi Shakes, Black River Kings, Blondsense, Bong Hits For Jesus, Brick & Mortar, Captain James & The Pain, Carpet Ride, Cheezy & The Crackers, Colie Brice, Comic Book Heroes, Crasher, (Damn) This Desert Air, Dave Alexander, Dive, Domenick Carino, Dr. Lou, Drew Yowell, Dub Proof, Earth Man, Empire Escorts, End of an Era, Foxes & Lions, Friends of Bill Wilson, Future Future, Glenn Basham, Glenn Tillbrook, Jared Costa, Jo Wymer & The Itty Bitty Band, Joe Harvard, Jon Caspi, Kagero, Ken Shane, Kung Fu Girls, Kyle Ross, Laura Pennington, Lisa Bianco, Little Brown Chair, Los Pocos Locos, Lost in Society,Matt Roy, Matt Wade, Matthew Gerald Lott, Mcrad, Midnight Electric, Mike Sullivan, Otto Gunnderman, Paul Kurrey, Planeside, PK Lavengood, River City Extension, Salt Water All-Stars, Sam Sims, Scarlet Carson, Scott Rednor Band, Sean Cox, Shawn Reymen, Shooter McGavin, Shutterstone, Take One Car, Temporary Grace, Teressa Wilcox, The Amboys, The Barn Stormers, The Funky Sons, The Mayan Factor, The New Volume, The Sunday Blues, Tommy Fuller, Underwater Country Club, Verity In Stereo, Victims of Experience, We Are, Zydrate

A Criminal Risk, Action Toolbelt,Against the Tide, Almost There, Along Those Lines, Alyjah Jade, Amanda Fama, At A Distance, Bearin’ Peace, Bern & The Brights, Beyond the Summit, Black Tooth Grin, Black Top Kids, Bobby Strange, Captain James Peacock, Carpet Ride, Chris McKeon, Colie Brice, C.O.A.L.G., Dead Valleys, DelRain, Divine Sign, Domenick Carino, Earthman, Elevator Art, End of an Era, EOS, Friends of Bill Wilson, Gary Perlinkski, Goodbye Friday, Grad Dai, Hiatus, Huntley, Hyla Brook, Ideosphere, In Shallow Water, Ionia, James Arlow & The Ruffian Circus, Jamie Alimorad, Jason Montagna, Jesse Lee, Jimmie VanZant, Jimmie’s Chicken Shack, Keeping Riley, Lisa & Wendy, Lost in Society, Matt O’Ree, Matt Wade, Mree Hsiao, Mike Cuntala, Mike Ferraro & The Young Republicans, Nancy Ryan, Neon Dynamite, Nick Cucci, P.A. Dutch Band, Panic Switch, Peal, Planeside, Root Glen, Scantily Clad, Set It Free, Shooter McGavin, ShowDolla, Sink Tapes, Sinsanity, Skin Tripp, Speedwheel, Take One Care, Tears of Mars, The Amboys, The August Infinity, The Creetons, The Downrights, The Grifters, The Magnums, The Man With Dynamite Hands, The New Royalty, The Red Desert, The rev. Jack Starr Band, The Sunday Blues, The Wild Deer, Tony DeSimone, Tony Tedesco, Tor Miller, Underwater Country Club, Vagus, Valhalla, Victims of Experience, Wiser Time, Zydrate

3D, 44, 50 Mile, Almost There, Amanda Fama, Andrea Lee Toro, Angel Casiano, Artie Tobia Band, Bird Bath, Black Angel Down, Blk Vampires, Cascadence, Clenn Basham, Colie Brice, Counter Clock, Dan Hall, DJ Lyve, DJ Mini, Dr. Lou, Elevator Art, End of an Era, EOS, Frank Enea, Hello Radio, James Arlowe & The Ruffian Circus, Jay Mickens, John Alberici, Juliane Suozzo, Lost Romance, Lower the Veil, Matt Wade, Mike Sullivan, Milan & The Sour Goat, Nancy Ryan Rocks, Negative Sky, New Age Blues Experience, Paul Kurrey, Planeside, Ryan Vosler, Sarah Lewis, Saska, Sharis & Rebecca Copeland, Shayfer James, Speedwheel, Spin, State, Steve Oakley Band, Take One Car, The Everymen, The Excelerators, The Midnite, The Places You’ve Been, The Red Desert, The rev. Jack Starr Band, The Underhills, Tony O - 2 Deep, Vextion, Victims of Experience

3 Shades of Blue, A Clever Con, Accidental Seabirds, Always Something, Amanda Fama, Black Jesuses, Breaking Even, Brendan Barnes, C.O.A.L.G., Craig Newell, Cranston Dean, Diego Alessandro, DJ Mini, Dr. Lou, End of an Era, EOS, First to Friday, Frank Enea Band, Kiirsten, Long Gone Day, NCM, No Risk, Out for More, Paul and Jimmy, Plus Plus Minus, Ropetree, RT Funk Band, Ryan Vosler, Static Summer, Steven Paul, The All Ways, The Black Clouds, The Blind Tellers, The Chillers, The Drive Home, The Privileged Few Band, The Republik, The Ryan Tunney Band, Tommy Byrne & Onto Something, Vextion, Weese Paddy, Woodfish

3 Shades of Blue, 18th & Addison, Airacuda, Alex English, Andrew & The Rhythm Hounds, Angela Everwood, Anker, Anomaly, AreJay Ella, Aurora Barnes, Bethesda, Beyond Visible, Big Tom & The Guns, Black Dirty, Black Tooth Grin, Blackout Paul, Blendmode, Blisstique, Chelsea Carlson, Cigar Box Stompers, Close2Death, Creeptones, Darkin, Darrow Chemical Company, Dawn Hiatt, Deal Casino, Decypher, Deena & The Laughing Boys, Disturbing Daisy, Donovan’s Devils, Dr. Lou, End of an Era, Ghosts of Home, Gina Cutillo, Grey Matter, Jeff Otis Brown, Joey Evans, John Sullivan, Johnny B. Morbid, Joseph King, Josh Hastick, Kay Roman, Leeds, Lovecartel, Lower the Veil, Maggie Anderson, Marc & Shane, Marissa Licata, Masha, Matchaponix, Matt Wade, May Day Rising, Midnight Mob, Midnight Mosaic, Mike Schiavo, Montgomery, Montgomery Streets, Mother, My Life On Film, New Day Dawn, Paris Under Fire, Pending, Pepperwine, Pocketful, Prehistoric Forest, Pyramada, Raccoon Fighter, Rachel Ann Weiss, Religion & Rocketry, Revel 9, Rick Winow, Ropetree, Roulette, Samantha Lynne, Seasons, Sekond Skyn, Seventh Tower, Shade Tree Philosophy, Sibling, Sonic Switch, Statik Silence, Stelladeora, Stranger! Danger!, Steve Leak, Sylvana Joyce & The Moment, Tash, Even, & Kyle, Tramcar Revolution, The Blackfires, The Casual E, The Cynz, The Goodin Brothers, The Lighthearted, The Makeshift Uprising, The Random Hubiak, The Shipwrecks, The Stand-Up Effect, Through the Grey, Torri Melhart, Troy Batey, Vextion, Wiser Time, Wyland

A Crucifying Feeling, A Midnight Tragedy, Above the Fall, Above the Mendoza, Against the Slate, Albatross, Alex English, Alex Julia, Amanda Fama, An Honest Year, Andi Rae Healy, Andrew Stoddard, Angela Everwood, Archie Alone, Ashley McKinley, Atlas Bloom, Atom Strange, Audio Empire, Awaking Mercury, Aurin, Autumn City, Backyard Superheroes, Bigger Than Bears, Black Satellite, Black Tooth Grin, Blake Bassett, Blisstique, Bob Flood, Breakage Rising, Brian Mackey Band, Brianna Nelson, Bulletproof Snow, Candace Shur, Carly Moffa, Carolyn Marie & The 7:30 Players, Cassandra Sun, Chartel, Chaser Eight, Chelsea Carlson, Chris Brown, Chris Fox Band, Christopher Reilly Band, Cigar Box Stompers, Civil Youth, Clear Pioneer, Close2Death, Corevalay, Could’ve Been Kings, Craig Greenberg Band, Craving Strange, Crime Alert, Crimson, Crown of Earth, Damage Control, Daniel James & the Loveless, David Wilson, DC Gentlemen, Decypher, Deena, DIsable Time, DJ Mitchy Millz, Dollys, Donovan’s Devils, Dustin Douglas & Electric Gentlemen, Dylan McGuire Band, Eastbourne, Elizabeth Luthringer, Empire Fallen, End of an Era, Endless Lament, Eric Reavey, Erisa Rei, Escape From Crete, Exit Eleven, Fall to June, Felony Bebop Club,Flathead Sky,  Flowers to Flames, For Our Lifetime, Foxanne, Fun While You Wait, Garden State Line, Geena Renee, Ghosts of Eden, Gina Cutillo, Good News, Heather Sommer, Horseman 5, Hub City Stompers, I am Curbie, I Fight Fail, IamTommy, Identity Krisis, Ideosphere, If But When, Imankita, In Your Memory, Ipswich Down, Jenee Taylor, Jenn Karma, Jiggley Jones, Joe Taylor, John Miller, June Cannon, Just Cause, Justin & Alina, Katelyn Richards, Kelly Lynn Barber, Kept in the Dark, Kiirstin Marilyn, Know Your Enemy, Kosmic Daydream, Lauren Cole Band, Lauren Marsh, Leanne Weiss, Leaving Haven, Lex Rex, Lines in the Sky, Little Lesley & The Bloodshots, Livewires, Long Faces, Long Gone Day, Lucy Wood, Luxley, Mad Kings, Maggie Anderson, Manda Morris, Mark Mayer, Matchaponix, Meghan Knight, Midnight Mob, Mike Oregano, Mikey Jahbree Wooley, Mimsey Mack, Mind Over Time, Mind Riot, Minshara, Modern Suits, Montgomery, Morningside Lane, Mother, My Excuse, Naelee Rae, New Day Dawn, Nick Taylor, Old City Revival, Only Living Boy, Our Fears, Paris Under Fire, Party Heroz, PD Brody, Penn Johnson, Pepperwine, Pocketful, Prehistoric Forest, Raftree, Reality Suite, Red Rising, Relms, Revel 9, Rick Winow, Ronin, Ronnie Beaton, Roulette, Rude Boy George, Ryan Howell, Ryan Zimmerman, Rylan Stowe, Samantha Lynne, Saving Skylar, Savior Soul, Sean Faust, Sensory Hoverload, Shannon Soderlund, Shawn Owen, Sister Monk, Skip Monday, Slaves and Martyrs, Slim Wray, Sofia Nicole, Solus Rex, Spiral Scar, Stereo Intercourse, Stray Local, Sunbox, Supermajor, Superstar Runner, Sweet Lucy, Tex and The Girls, Tha MuthafunkaholX, The Advantagers, The Autumn Fire, The B-Sides, The Bergamot, The Black Clouds, The Black Moons, The Black Sails, The Burgeoning, The Catching, The Catholic Girls, The Classic, The Color Atlantic, The Coteries, The Cuts, The Cynz, The Dark Matters, The Disconnects, The Easy Outs, The Funky Jug, The Grave Jinglers, The Hallowed Roots, The Hunting Party, The Jim Baety Band, The New Retro, The Phoenix Within, The Phryg, The Quixote Project, The Random Hubiak, The Rusty Guns, The Sagas, The Schenlie’s, Thompson + Boombox, Through the Grey, Tim Gysin Band, Troy Batey, Val Hovik, Valerie DuPont, Van Vega, Vextion, Water Street, Weird & Wonderful Words, Western Education, Winds & Walls, Working Class Hussys

1L, 13:1, 33 Years, A Boy Named John, A Crucifying Feeling, Abby Cornero, Above the Moon, Adjust the Sails, Alex English, Alter the Ending, Altered Cross, Amanda Fama, American Road, American Wolves, Amos Fortune, Angela Everwood, Anker, Annie Minogue Band, Anthems for Autumn, Appalachian Apollo, Arjun, Ashes to Oranges, Audra McLaughlin, Autoerotica, Autumn City, Baelfire, Better Than Never, Black Satellite, Black Tooth Grin, Blisstique, Bodyface, Brand of Julez, Brian Rigby Band, Brother Jerome, Castle Black, Ces Picerno, Chameleon, Chaser Eight, Cheezy & The Crackers, Chelsea Carlson, Cigar Box Stompers, Circuitry, Close2Death, Cold Weather Company, Commit Samantha, Conversing With Oceans, Corevalay, Cosmonaut Radio, Cristian Perez, Dawson Rutledge, Deaf Rhino, Decibel, Decypher, Diamond Mike & The Grinders, Diego Alessandro & Lot 25, Dissension Rising, Disturbing Daisy, Eastbourne, Elijiah.the.fly, Eliza & The Organix, Empire Fallen, End of an Era, Escape From Crete, Esron Endeavor, Even Twice, Fiona Corrine, Flower Garden, Found Vegas, Foxanne, Fracture, Frogg Party, Futures, Giada J., Gifford’s Lane, Gina Cutillo, Gravity Well, Hank Mauro, Hellvira Von Hex, Here’s To You, HoneyTrap, Honor Among Thieves, Horseman 5, Hot Lips, I am Curbie, Identity Krisis, Imankita, Infernal Opera, Infinitus Mortus, j and the 9s, Jamie B. Gallagher, Jenevieve Cruz, Jenn Karma, Jennifer Scott, Jesse Leach of Killswitch Engage, Jim Lord, Joe Scheller, John Poveromo, Joseph James McCabe, JP Lastella & Company, Jumpcuts, Justin & Alina, Justina Valentine, Karen Mansfield, Kelsey Coan, Kevin Daniel, Kiirstin Marilyn, Knucklebone, Kwame Binea Shakedown, Laini & The Wildfire, Last Frontier, Lawrence Cooley Band, Lawrence Trailer, Legacy, Life the Medium, Living Mercury, Lo-Ky & Colour, Long Gone Day, Lorena Leigh & The Dinosaurs, Lunatic Fringe, Know Your Enemy, Kori Cira, Kosmic Daydream, Madison Ryan, Maggie Anderson, Matchaponix, Medusa’s Disco, Mike Oregano, Mildly Medicated, Moral of the Story, Morning in May, Natalie Claro, Nismah Osman, No/Hugs, Nomad, Observe the 93rd, Off the Turnpike, Owl Kill, Pat DiNizio of The Smithereens, Planeside, P-Funk, North, P.O.D., Paul Anthony, Paul Jamain, Peggy Finston, Phil Firetog Trio, Pocketful, Pralaya, Princesa, Purple Abaddon, Raftree, Reality Suite, Revel 9, Rofo Audio, Ropetree, Rouge Didi, Roulette, Ryan Zimmerman, Rich Soni, Samantha Lynne, Saver, Saving Skylar, Scotiva, Sekond Skyn, Sensory Hoverload, Shawn Owen, Shorebound, Shy Shape, Sick Mind, Silver Silver, Slack Tide, SOF, Spiral Scar, Standby, Stay at Home Dads, Stereo Jo, Sunbox, Super Thrash Bros., Supermajor, Synergi, Talk to You Never, Tash, Even, & Kyle, Taylor Perry, Taylor Tote Band, The Autumn Fire, The Awakened, The Black Clouds, The Brodegas, The Clydes, The Cranks, The Dolly Spartans, The Flux Machine, The Forz, The Jacob Cade Project, The Lights Beneath, The Nashville Attitude, The Racer, The Ramblers, The Random Hubiak, The Rooftop, The Shoobies, The Stewart Dollys, The Tide Rose, The Well Wish, The World at Large, They Call Us Death, This Year’s Comeback, Too Far Gone, Tracy Chamberlain, Trash Boy, True Will, Troubleman, Unholy Dispute, Unknown Nobodies, Uphevil, Vera Bloom, Vianova, What Is Broken, Wild Love, Wild Planes, Willing Tibet, With Sails Ahead, Working Class Hussys, Zeke Mar Lee & The Vaters

A Little Less Human, Above the Moon, ADO, After the Burn, AfterSound, Alex Julia, Amber Lamps, America Part Two, Amira B, Amos Fortune, Andrew Stoddard, Angelina Alexon, Another Day’s Armor, Anthems for Autumn, Approaching Troy, Ashes to Oranges, Ashley McKinley, Audio Impulse, Autopilot, Backtrack, Backyard Superheroes, Baelfire, Baked Potatoes, Barren, Beatrix Potter, Before It’s Too Late, Blue Moon Under, Brand of Julez, Brianna Vacca, Brianna Musco, Broke Royals, Brother Jerome, Bunktown Falls, Cabin Creek, Carolyn Marie, Castle Black, Casual Friday, Ces Picerno, Chelsea Carlson, Chris Brown, Chris Luciani, Christine Irizarry, Cigar Box Stompers, Colossal Street Jam, Commit Samantha, Conversing With Oceans, Cory Singer, Cosmonaut Radio, Craving Strange, Cristina F., Cross Culture, Danger Scene, Danielle & Jennifer, Dark City Strings, Dark Sky Choir, Dawson Rutledge, Deaf Rhino, Decades, Dentist, Diamond Dixie, DJ Var Lynn, Eastbourne, Ebb & Nova, Echo Bloom, Elsie & The Vibe, Emily Victoria, Emmarie, Empire Fallen, End of an Era, Epoch Failure, Eryn & The Whiskey Devils, Exit Eleven, Experiment 34, Face Value, FIVES, Foggy May, Fracture, Fun While You Wait, Funeral Students, Garden State Line, Georgia Owen, Grey Goes Black, Harborland, Heart for Hire, Heather LaRose, Heroes of Modern Earth, Hope for the Hollow, Hub City Stompers, I am Curbie, I Fight Fail, Infinitus Mortus, Inviolate, Isn’t It Always?, j and the 9s, Jamison Chester Fox, Jared Mancuso, JC Triple Threat, Jessy Tomsko, JK Lago, John D’Amato, Jonathan Tea, Joshua Van Ness, June Divided, Just 6 Hours, Justin Rodriguez, Kayla C., Kayla Rae, Ken Shiles & Cibon, Kenzie McCarter, Kevin Miller, Kevlar, Know Your Enemy, KT Mulholland, Lauren Marsh, Lauren O’brien, Lethal Affection, Livia McKee, Living Intermission, LNYX, Lost Elysium, Lost in a Name, Lucy Isabel, Lyndsey Smith & Soul Distribution, Mach 22, Mad Kings, Makeshift, Matchaponix, Maureen Ritzel, Mayve, Medusa’s Disco, Melia, Mesmeria, Mike Oregano, Minds Without Purpose, Mosey Beat, Natalia Damini, Natalie Claro, Nikki Briar, No Lost Cause, Northern Whale, Old City Revival, Old Eastern, Olivia Castriota, Oogee Wawa, Over the Bridge, P-Funk North, Paul Donovan, Paul Jamain, Painted Young, Palaceburn, Paul Anthony Band, Pepperwine, Phoebe Nix, Plug Fiction, Pocketful, Pom Oak, Pool Cosby, Primadonnaz, QOK, Rachel Rourke, Raftree, Rasstar the Lion, Red Means Run, Revel 9, Rhea Raj, Rich Soni, Rivers & Rhodes, Rob Petitti, Roulette, Running Late, Ryan Bexley, Ryan Williamson, Ryan Zimmerman, Sammy Cannillo, Scott Thomas Webster, Scott Wolfson & Other Heroes, Second String Hero, Sekond Skyn, Seventh Avenue, Set to Sail, Shy Shape, Signals of Bedlam, Simple Sin, Skinny is Green, Skyeline, SOF, Spells and Curses, Spider Rockets, Static Summer, Staunton, stop.drop.rewind, Sugar Rush Band, Suicide Conspiracy, Super Thrash Bros, Supermajor, Tara Hendricks, Tatiana Lima, Taylor Tote Band, The Adventure Lost, The April Skies, The Autumn Fire, The Blind Spots, The Breakout Year, The Cause & The Cure, The Double Negatives, The Foxfires, The Good Mess, The Hannas, The Indigos, The Jawn, The Madeleine Haze, The Never Ending Fall, The Ones You Forgot, The Quixote Project, The Random Hubiak, The Rareflowers, The Rose Monarch, The Semi-Supervillains, The Sixth Year, The Textiles, The True & Daring, The Victory Drive, Thee Idea Men, Times Like These, Track Seven, Trap Rabbit, Trapped in Static, Treading Water, TruSol, Turbo Goth, Unabridged, Underlined Passages, Unknown Nobodies, usLights, Velvet Rose, Vextion, Villins, Waiting on Mongo, Water Cycle, Weston Howard, Whiskey Crossing, Wild Planes, Wild Virtu, Wiser Time, Wynward, Yawn Mower, Zach Matari